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The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening vs Using Home Products

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Professional Teeth Whitening vs At Home

It’s easy to see the benefits of having whiter teeth. What may be harder to determine is where you should have the procedure done – or if you should do it yourself. It turns out that there are many benefits to having your teeth whitened by a professional. Read on to learn some of the key reasons you should choose the pro over DIY products.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

The most obvious benefit of professional teeth whitening is likely how fast you’ll see results. Home products can take several weeks to work, but the products used by a pro can deliver their full benefit in an appointment or two. Professional-grade products can often attain a higher level of whitening and more even results, as well. Here are some more benefits of going to the pro:

  1. Better self-esteem. When you have bright, white teeth, you look younger and healthier. This improves your self-esteem and makes you more confident in social situations.
  2. A brighter smile. Makers of DIY products typically make those products weak. This reduces the producers’ chances of being sued because weak products are less prone to causing injury if the untrained home user makes a mistake. Professional products, on the other hand, are much stronger. Their manufacturers expect them to be handled by trained professionals, so they aren’t worried about the possibility of amateur mistakes. The professional, rather than the product, is who ensures that you won’t get injured. All of this adds up to you being able to get a whiter smile from a professional.
  3. Customized for Your Individual Needs – Professional teeth whitening can be customized in a number of ways. The strength, method of application, and more can be adjusted to suit you. Meanwhile, mass-produced “home” whiteners typically only come in one form per brand – the form that the manufacturer figured would work “well enough, for the most people.” If you don’t want to settle for just “good enough,” or you’re an exception to what most people want, go to a pro.
  4. Long-lasting results. Professional teeth whiteners are stronger than their DIY counterparts, so they’re able to reach more deeply into the tooth surfaces. This leads to longer-lasting results than you would get from home products.
  5. Safer treatment. Though home products claim to be safe, mistakes and accidents done by home users can greatly affect the actual safety profile. With a professional handling teeth whitening, there should be no amateur errors. This makes it so that it is safer to go to a qualified professional despite the fact that pro-grade products are stronger.

As should now be clear, you’ll get better results and be more satisfied with professional teeth whitening. Professional products are stronger than home versions, making the pro options work faster and last longer. You also don’t have to worry about safety when a trained professional is applying the products. The results will be better, too, since the pros have plenty of practice at applying their products evenly and for the right amount of time.

You’ll enjoy higher self-esteem when you have a young-looking, stain-free smile. This not only will make you feel better but can improve social interactions.

Getting Started with Professional Teeth Whitening

 It’s easy to get started with professional teeth whitening!

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