How Long Do Veneers Last?

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If you’re looking for a solution to stained, chipped, gapped teeth, or teeth that are misaligned, veneers are an excellent option. But many patients who are thinking about getting veneers are also asking questions about just how long veneers last. 

The short answer is that veneers, while not considered permanent, will last a very long time with good oral hygiene. And they’re a terrific way to make your smile look it’s best. 


What is a Veneer?


So what exactly is a veneer? Dental veneers are made of either thin, stain-resistant porcelain or composite dental resin. They are cemented on the front surface of our teeth, improving appearance cosmetically. 

Also used for restorative dentistry, veneers are very simple to place on your teeth. 

First, your dentist takes an impression of your teeth, creating a model for the veneer. Next, your dental team will look at a tooth color guide to help determine the most natural color match between veneers and your teeth. The veneers will be created in a dental lab and then your dentist will cement them in place. 


Once they’re applied, because removing veneers isn’t possible, when they wear out, you will need to replace them. 


So How Long Will Your Veneers Last?


Typically, veneers last approximately 10 to 15 years. Exactly how long they last can depend on both the type of veneer you choose and your own oral care, which will help to extend the life of your veneers. 


In short, even though veneers aren’t thought of as permanent, they provide a long term benefit for your dental health and appearance, and are an easy way to achieve a more attractive smile. 


Routine Dental Care


To extend veneer life, you should care for them just like you would for your natural teeth. In short, you should brush and floss twice daily, and it’s also important to  schedule regular six-month appointments with your dentist for regular check-ups and routine cleaning.


Maintain Good Oral Health

Another important part in preserving the life of your veneers is keeping them healthy through good oral care. Avoid doing things like chewing on your nails or ice, and limit as much as possible your consumption of sodas, candy - especially hard candy - and other high-sugar foods. You also should avoid using your teeth to open packages and envelopes. 


While porcelain veneers are generally stain-resistant, composites react just like your natural teeth, so they can be stained from food and beverages that you consume, like coffee, tea, and red wine. It’s a good idea to limit your consumption of those drinks, too.  


Another important factor in preserving the life of your veneers is to avoid teeth grinding. If that is a habit, your dentist can fit you with a mouthguard to avoid creating cracks or chips. 

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